United by the Moon Stalkers

United by the Moon Stalkers is a captivating novel by the talented author Brook Winter. In this mesmerizing tale, the forces of darkness collide with the supernatural creatures of Avronia, as a powerful witch rises to protect the werewolves and forge an unexpected unity among the realm’s extraordinary beings.

In the face of danger, the book jumps into the profound power of unity and cooperation among supernatural creatures. Brook Winter skillfully weaves a tale of unexpected alliances and extraordinary friendships, showcasing the resilience of supernatural beings as they join forces to confront their shared enemies.

Start your unforgettable adventure and discover the magic of “United by the Moon Stalkers” by Brook Winter!

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It is 1942 when the Dunedin Star runs aground on the desolate Skeleton Coast of Southwest Africa while carrying supplies and ammunition to Egypt. Among the passengers is Alison Habib, a young Scottish woman traveling from England to Cairo with her Egyptian doctor husband and their eighteen-month-old daughter, Caroline.